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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cruise Trek and Seatrek 3rd verse

more pictures of people including the guy who got the cream in the pants the last morning.

Cruise Trek and Seatrek 2nd verse

more pictures if they download. They failed last night.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trek Trips Seatrek and Cruistrek

After attempting to use my scanner after I lost the instructions I finally came up with about 1.100 of the pictures I have. I had forgotten some of the things that the pictures reminded me of.

This guy I am talking about appears in one picture I thought I had downloaded but apparently I lost it while trying to transfer. It will appear later. It is too good not to share with you all.
He and his wife had complained so much during the cruise that we decided to order a special drink. He thought he knew all of them, but every time he asked what the blue drink was we gave him a Trek Name for Romulan Ale. We never told him what it was. Even the waiters told him it was a secret drink and had been sworn not to give the ingredients out.

No one in the group would give him a clue. He and his wife complained to the end of the trip. They caused us to meet everybody but the Captain at our table. Yes that bad. Finally when you are on a cruise you do not have clothes to change in and the last morning out Linda turned over a pitcher of cream in his lap. She swore that it was an accident. Yeh.

In another of the pictures you will see a gentleman of the most high. Mark Leonard . He was truly one of the nicest people I ever met. He and his wife traveled on several of the cruises. i was sorry when he passed away . But I had a lot of good memories of him.

We saw Bermuda and some of the coast line was beautiful (the whole island was beautiful) I miss these trips.

Linda passed away in 1997 from cancer. Carolyn is retired living in NC and the guys Will was in NY in one of the Towers but survived. The other guy was from Scotland and he did not travel with us anymore. Marie lives in England. If any of you Trek Travelers know any of them tell them I wish we could all be on another trip together. Just a few of the people I would love to see again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mr Fang

Late last night we got bad news about one our favorite cats. He lives in SD and must have gotten a dose of poison from something. He started having spells of shaking and no muscle control and ended up in the vets emergency room.

Today we found out he is doing better but they are trying to detox him, he has had a rough life and this is just another of the things he had in his life. Abanoned young and found my a very loving couple. He makes four cats the couple have.

They tamed him after he started showing up at their door. Now that takes a lot of patience and time. They fed him and enjoyed seeing the change in him.

He and the other cats found a great home. A farm in South Dakota. Roaming and wild, tame critters all around. Even being chased up a tree by one of his mates.

Get better Mr Fang we are anxious about you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Livia had her tonsils out yesterday and came through with flying colors. She got very irate about the sore throat she had m and was not in a very good mood at all. Today she called and was almost her old self. She was helping mom cook dinner. Eating ice cream and getting lots of loving from Mom and Dad.

She is the last of my grandchildren and I do not see her much, of course she is beautiful and very bright. She cleaned out all of my stuffed animals the time she came to see me. She actually missed a couple but her favorite is a bunny with black cloth shoes she got several years ago.

I try to trade back with her but she always tells me she will take care of them and give them back when she is through with them.. she l0ves them and is not ready to give them up.

She is a sweety and Gramme loves her.

Reminds me of the time I had my tonsils out. I was so hungry that I ate a small bit of bread, when my Mom found out what a lecture. Do you know you could have choked etc. The picture of me was taken about the time I had my tonsils taken out.

Any way glad you made it okay. Livia

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Death of a Child

Today Ian and I attended a funeral for a 22 month old child who drowned on Saturday. It was the 1st time he had ever been to a true old time southern funeral.

Now most these days are dignified, the family and friends silently weeping and maybe a few crying out loud. But not wailing to the high heavens. If you do not know the word it means yelling and crying at the same time. In the old days people were hired to do this, but times have changed.

The child was a beautiful little angel and deserved more than what she got. The music was beautiful. But 3 preachers and them trying to convert the group and some idiot yelling Amen. This was a childs, a precious childs, funeral.

When I was small most funerals I attended had this type of preachers who could not leave their Sunday sermons till the proper time. My mom never carried on like this group does at funerals. Knowing what the viewing would be like I pushed Ian out so he would not see the true disaster of the thing. It took the family 20 minutes of wailing and guilty feelings to complete the service.

When I go let me be given a graceful farewell. I attended a funeral for a very good friend in Maryland in 1997 and one of the people took me aside and made sure I knew the rules. It struck me that most people think we all act that way. No laying on the casket and making an ass of ones self. Southern or Yankee be polite and show some manners.

Guess I have made a few relatives mad if they hear or read about this. Again it may wake a few of the younger ones up. But when a grieving Mother will not let her living child ride with her in the funeral limo there is something wrong. A child is God's gift to you when the time comes and you have to let go it hurts more than you can describe.

My Mom lost 2 babies between my sister and I and she would always remember them with love.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Coleville Utah

A couple of years ago I visited a town and took a few pictures of a house in Coleville. Tonight I was watching reruns of Designing Women and lo and behold the house they used in Atlanta looked familiar. It must have been the same architect that designed them.

My oldest son saw the picture and thought it was beautiful, but then most of the pictures I took out there made me fall in love with that part of the country. Now a lot of it is being destroyed by fire.

I saw a lot of dead trees in the area that is burning so this is natures way of renewing her world. Wait till next year and see all the new growth. Like Mt St Helens it has a way of the blue planet renewing itself.

The environment is becoming a disaster around here. Every old tree is being taken out and a new cement pad put in. Higher than normal tempatures in the near future. Save a tree and be a tree hugger like me.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saturday 07 07 07

So how was your luckiest day of the century. My was pretty good. No gambling, so did not know if I would have won 10000 pennies again.

I am looking forward to 09 09 09 that will probably be my luckiest day of the century. It seems a 9 is always around somewhere in my life. When I worked all my numbers seem to be a 9 or added up to a 9.. Guess thats why I am very glad I stayed with the company. It ended with a bang of great luck for me. A retirement I could never have imagined, thank you Lord.

My Saturday started out with no sleep for 24 hours. Long trip with my grandkids and best friend. In the limo it is very easy to travel with kids. One took over the back seat coming home and played his game in total comfort. The restless one wore headphones and watched videos all day when traveling. The other played games talked to us and just enjoyed being with no arguments all day.

We were in Cherokee NC for the Indian Powwow. The kids feed the bears at the show uptown. Waded the creek and threw the rocks . Zeni has those pictures of all 4 of us wading in the shallow water and when the others headed for the deeper water as all watchers do, you yell do not get wet. and then see how long it takes for them to accidently fall into the water.

We saw mallard ducks playing with a pet dog in the water. A few tiny fish and no big ones. Lots of people were floating down the river and creek all day. It sure looked like fun. The day was beautiful but warm and overcast at times but still a great day.

The restaurant we ate as was a disaster. Three cooks did not show up for work and what food we had we had to beg for it. Finally the hostess told us what was wrong. It would have been easier for us to understand the lousy service if our waitress had not passed the table and looked the other way and not offering our table refills. So I had the salad bar and began feeding the group what they would eat off of it. Finally the food came and it was really not worth the wait. Waffle house would have been a heck of lot better.

My new cell phone rang and it was Mom telling us that Ian's dog had gotten lost. He told them where to look and they found her. She had an allergy to a dog flea medicine. So all pet owners be careful of advantage x it can cause bad trouble with pets.

My cell rang again and more bad news. One of Dad's nephews daughter had drowned in a pool. No other info on it. she was 21 months old and apparently got away from the babysitter and fell in .

When we got home the dog had been found given a bath and was on the way to recovery. It was sprinkling rain. I was so tired I came home took a shower and slept till my son called and said He was on the way to visit us. A rare occasion, but enjoyable.

We saw one our favorite Indian dancer in Jasper for a few minutes and when we got to the powwow his picture was on the advertisement all over town. Could not believe it. It was such a crowded stage we left after a few of the dances. It seems on cement it is hard to perform traditional dances. Oh well it was neat to be in the Cherokee NC area.

I had visited it several times as a child and only once or twice as an adult. The magic grows with the more you learn about the native Americans. We visited a graveyard overlooking the town and it was dedicated to the ones who served the country. Quite a few of them.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Computer loses Mind

Not really but it sure felt like it. Rose and I were playing on the computer Thursday night and had just logged off the internet. A thunder and lightning storm hit and one jarred my house and thanks to the surge protector it did not destroy me or the computer. It did knock out the modem and a card in the base.

With Eric off line, I was going nuts. The blog, emails and etc were offline and I could not figure how to clear it up. I picked up a new modem on Friday and on the way home I felt I needed a new phone, so when I picked it up, I failed to charge the batteries. My cell phone ran out of minutes months ago and since I rarely ever use it I gave it to David when his went missing.

So here I am Friday no internet, but telephones working fine. Then when my oldest son called me on Saturday, He asked what I was doing, when I told him sleeping the phone cuts off. So back to bed I go, he never calls back, He lives in an area with cells that run out if you know what I mean, but he always calls back.

Later talking to the repair center my phone kept going dead. Cutting off the poor lady at the center who was so nice. Then when I could not call out It hit me no internet. No telephone, no cell phone. So I go to the nearest store and purchase a cell with minutes instead of a contract. Now I have phone service the computer to play games on and what a quiet week it has been.

Today Michelle got the card replaced and it looks like I am back in business. Alls well that ends well.

Thank you all so much for your help and good thoughts to those whom I bugged to get back on line.

Love ya Happy Fourth of July