Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mr Fang

This year my friends in South Dakota have acquired quite a few cats. They send me pictures of them. The other day I got one of Mr Fang the wild cat who turned into a pet ,loving and wanting to be the top cat.

He got a little overprotective of his family and gave the other girls a hard time by sneaking up and fighting and stealing their food and making it hard for them to relax and enjoy life.

So Clyde and Sue showed him what it was like if He could not learn to interact like a good boy and play with the girls better. They made him an outdoor cat till he learned it was a lot better to be an inside cat in the winter than and outside cat.

Since he was doing better He got back inside to the warmth and good graces of his family. When I saw these pictures, they reminded me of mug shots. So since he learned his lessons they were funny to me. Hope you get a giggle out of Mr Fang the prince charming.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tuesday almost

Today was beautiful and I actually got out of the house. Had the car washed, 2nd time since May. Yep it was pretty dirty. Its white and boy does this Georgia red clay show up well. Also got it serviced oil change etc.

Nice things happen sometime when least expected. My grand daughter sent me a picture of my favorite drink. Milkshake from Steak and Shake. Except she was drinking it. Guess tomorrow will be my day to get the shake. Love those things.

Got an email from my son in Germany He is leaving for England for a job interview If it be the right thing I wish him well. Say a prayer for him and me.

The other son is probably frozen and has not thawed out yet. Below average temp. and this is his 1st year as a telephone person. Nothing like hanging on a pole in 50 mile an hour wind. Love ya Been there and done it. 1978 79 1st female installer in Cobb Cty BellSouth. Hows that for following in Mom's footsteps.

Have not heard from a few other people who make my life feel that it is filled with lots of love and thoughts of good things.

This head cold has got me loopy and my mind has taken a vacation to the Bahamas. I do some of the nuttiest things sometime. Discount coupon and for some reason I can not figure out what the discount is supposed to be. Bet the guy at the dealership is wondering how I get from here to there. Thanks for not laughing in my face and being so nice. I did figure it out when I got in the car. Love ya guys for taking care of my car and truck.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Are You Sure?

Wow what a day my first cold (as in Head Cold) and the weather is chilly. Snow and ice out west. Of course we do not have underground service wires like Germany does so when we get hit by storms , we end up with wires down and all that.

Had a great weekend before this mess hit. Had breakfast with my adopted brothers and sister. Saw what Charles had done to the house his family has lived in since the forties. You would not believe the changes. A lot of work and a really neat job,

David is learning how to use his computer and says he actually got pictures I sent him right before my other computer lost its power unit. Watch out David you will probably get quite a few of them if I ever get my scans in.

June was there but kinda down. She is a saint with her own halo. She took care of her mom and sister until the end. Almost 10 years with her life on hold. She also writes to people in prison and tries to bring religion into their lives and give them hope.

I got hungry for Chinese so took off late yesterday and ended up meeting a couple that had been at Allan's when the infamous teeth got broken. They were glad to hear that everything turned out well. They surprised me by paying for my dinner. I thank them and I really did enjoy meeting them and their family again.

So today I have stayed in my jammies. Jonesy tried to pet me by sitting in my lap. Funny thing he does not like it when I sneeze. Too bad Mr jj. Miss Rose has been looking at me like it was time to go somewhere. Right. With my head buzzing the police would want to know why I could not drive a straight line.