Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am back

It has been several weeks since I posted this page. I want to thank all of you that checked it to see what was going on.

My computer is giving me fits. My friends from SD left a folder of pictures on my computer and I deleted them before I found out his camera was not working properly. Well my computer went to the shop and retrieved almost 60ooo pictures for sorting out.

I wore the mouse out deleting stuff from the original owners. I had a cd and it did not play on my cd player and the burner did not want to work either. After trying to get the things downloaded I think I may have gotten most of them for the people.

In trying to check it out my cd player quit. Who knows ?

And while it was in the shop I discovered the magic of Harry Potter and now I am hooked. A friend and I saw the last movie at the IMAX it was fabulous.

Then I sent Eric and Anna their package of Peanut Butter. The nut case at the Post Office kept telling me I could not ship it. I told him ship it and send it back if the customs people did not let it go thru. It takes 4 weeks to send the same stuff to Germany but it was only 2 weeks to England.

Wonder what happened to the packing material it was shipped with. I ran out of bubble wrap and resorted to bath towels and toilet paper. Also a cd with Erics pictures when he was a little child. 3 books and of course Oreo cookies for Anna.

Oh yeah Eric broke his foot playing frisbee. Huh. Nick changed jobs and is now working for his uncle again. Jonesy is asking every cat in the neighborhood to dinner. Rose is broken out with hives. The grandchildren are back in school or home schooling.

So how was you month. love ya