Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My thoughts for 2013 Sat mar 30

Saturday before Easter.

Thinking today of what it must have been like standing at the edge of the  crowd and watching the Rabbi being nailed to the wooden cross.  The two beside him.

He knew what was to happen but today it seems the athesit have tried every way to discredit Him.

Yet in my heart I know he is stronger than this evil that has taken over the world.  History repeating itself.

The two Marys at the foot of the cross crying, the crowd silent as the world rolls and thunder crashes, do they think"Oh my God , what have we done?"

Time will show them that it had to be that way,  That the people of the earth will need his love and courage for many lifetimes to come.

Schools teach evil and it goes out into the world and it gets meaner.  Bad people are put in charge of running this world but only He can make it better.

Share your love with all.  Not just the  ones near you. A smile can make someone think, there is love to spare even for me.

Have a Happy Easter and Greet the rising of the Son as a new beginning, when nothing will be the same and Evil will be overcome.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

David helps grammy

today after eating pizza tried to help grammy unable to get old location so passed her over to a new data base.

She will never be able to do anything with her apple except eat it.

She needs me and Eric just to keep her going.

Her I pad works but she is so computer illeriate that we have no hope for her

She is grateful for the help and it is senior day at Goodwill so she need her daily fix of shopping for bargins at the indoor yard sell. `