Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Elk Reserve in Jackson Hole Wy

I was riding around in the elk reserve when I came upon this road. Dirt, one lane up a high hill. I think it was used mainly by the game patrol and a few hikers and campers. So the goats felt very safe. I caught a glimpse of a movement out of the corner of my eye and pulled over in a parking area used by others who happened to see the herd.

In this picture are at least 10 goats. I did not see them until one of them moved. I have never been able to find them all.

At the very top of the mountain if you look closely are two of them standing up. about half way down on the left are several laying down. As I said they are all over the mountain.


Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole Wy

The Miller House is where the movie Spensers Mtn was supposely filmed.

Downtown square in Jackson Hole. and of course the Grand Tetons

This is a special request group of photos for a friend. Hope you enjoy them and thanks for all your help in the past.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Going thru Utah

This is the beauty of the state of Utah. The pictures show an ice wall made of snow from the winter, the surrounding area was still covered in snow and ice. This bank was located on a short cut between Bryce Canyon and I15 Southern part of Utah. The whole area was covered in snow and this was the middle of May.

Another picture shows the area on the way to Bryce Canyon and is close to a place called Butch Cassidy's Gulch. The colors are tremendous this is just one of the red sandstone peaks on this enchanting wayfare.

Another of the pictures is one of the early houses built in Colesville Utah in the northern part of the state. It was early morning and the house seemed to be surrounded by a glow of good morning clear air.

Another of the pictures in Bryce Canyon of a natural arch. One of the visitors told me that the past wet winter had taken its tole on the beautiful sandstone structures and some of them seemed to be melting away.

Hope you enjoy and Peace be with you on this sunday early monday morn.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Racoon Time

Gracie and babies and Gracie and the attack cat mat

In the last few days I have been in the hospital and sleeping at home to recover. It was a quick and over with a lot faster than the Doctor thought it would be originally.

When I came out of recovery they, the people watching over me, said I kept talking about Gracie the raccoon. The pictures I plan to put with this are some of the last ones we took of her. The one with the babies was the last time we saw Her. She apparently was a victim of progress.

The housing development behind us was at one time 103 acres of free roaming for Her and the babies. But when people and houses started being built in came the dangers for her.

She ate out of my son's hand the night before these were taken and as I said this was the last time I saw her. I named her Gracie because she was so graceful when she moved and ate.

Peace and enjoy

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cat Time

The other day my screen saver came up with the picture of Jonesy sitting at the computer. It was taken a little while after I retired a few years ago. When Jonesy was an only pet or child he slept in my lap a lot when I was on the computer.

As we sat at the computer a pop up came up saying "You won a free vacation" Wow! Jonesy yawned and looked at the screen.

I asked him if he wanted to enter the contest. And he hit the keyboard, which I took to mean He did. Well guess what, He won.

About 6 weeks later He got a phone call asking when Mr JJ Williams wanted to take his free vacation. He was going on this fablous vacation, all expenses paid, and the caller really needed to talk to him.

I tried to explain that Mr Williams would be unable to accept this trip. After questions were asked. I started laughing and the caller wanted to know what was so funny.

I explained that Jonesy had been sitting in my lap and He was a cat. The caller sounded astounded and wanted to know how a cat could enter a contest?

Well I told him he was a pretty smart cat and he had asked to enter by hitting the keyboad. I thought that would be the end of it. But no for 2 years Jonesy got calls asking when he was going to take the free vacation.

He just yawns climbs on the old ironing board and takes another nap.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is Wyoming Wind River Canyon

On this dreary day in Georgia I am remembering some of the beauty of Wyoming. There will not be much typing in this because Jonesy is tired and sitting in my lap, so I give you one of the beauties of Wyoming in pictures.

Peace and enjoy

Friday, February 17, 2006

Who are you?

My life on Wednesday felt like my car did in 2004. Totalled.

Two days ago I got a telephone call saying my carpet was ready to be installed. This was surprising because I do not like carpets. Thus began my nightmare as to how many with my name are out there.

It was easy to get the info on the other person and was she ever upset when I called the installers back and said cancel the order no carpet was ordered for this address.

After calling the installers back and trying to get the info on who had used my name and address, they gave me the order number, the toll free number in California, and anything else I wanted to know. This is how easy it must be for people to steal your name and all the info about you.

I called California was put on hold, cut off 3 times, and finally got a guy who gave me the name, address, and unpublished number of the other party. All because I had the order number. After dialing the number voice mail answered and I left a message that must have sounded awfully bad. She was more upset that I had her nonpub number than she was about how easily I had gotten all the information on her. No comment on possible blonde jokes please.

I called Home Depot and cancelled my account, my bank and made sure no strange charges were on my account and the installers again. After all this I finally began to ask how they, the installation company had gotten my name and address mixed up with an Atlanta listing. Bingo! My name was first on the list of Home Depot customers who had an installation order. Since the Cosco Company was the new sellers how do you deal with computers and the operators?

That was how I managed to leave her word that her order was cancelled. When she returned the call, she raised hell for 5 minutes while I left the telephone laying next to the dog, only looked at it like what in the heck? Then got up and left.

After the caller calmed down, I explained how all my day had gone and she still griped and moaned about her unlisted number. I began to wonder what a woman with all this time on her hands was so upset about that and not the possibility I could have taken the carpet and had it installed and sent her the bill.

Cosco repesentive called later to apologize for the mixup and he took a minute or two to figure the error out. He still is scratching his head wondering HOw did our customer get with this nut? Computers Baby!

So what do you do after an eposide like this? You get in your car and drive to the nearest slot machine and lose your shirt. It was very relaxing and I still can not believe this day happened.

Peace to the other lady and take care of your reputation its all we have that is truly ours.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Goodness in a Teen

South Dakota sky says it all.

Tonight I witnessed a beautiful act done by a teen. They work at a entrance level job for very little money and meet all kinds of people. Yet they keep a smile and keep their faith and still do what they can for other people.

One of their co workers is not the most popular person in the world and makes other people feel uncomfortable when around them. They have a relative who is going for surgry and they will be out of work for a few weeks. Of course that means that the family will suffer, if not helped.

So the teen takes a hundred dollars of their hard earned cash and buys a food gift card for the co worker. Unbelievable in this day and age. It really gives you a lift to see that the new generation has some of the old souls in it. Hard work, helping out the needy, and love of family and country.

Hope you had a wonderful day and peace be with you.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cody Wyoming

Today I keep thinking about all I saw last year and of course Cody Wy stands out. It was the middle of May, and as most of the stories about Wyoming, they have 2 seasons July and Winter.

I found the weather chilly and rainy at times and then again being from the south if the temp is not in the 60's or over it has to be cold. The people in Cody are some of the nicest people in the world. The only person I met on my trip that I would call rude was in Lander at the Best Western. I do not think she was a native of Wyoming. Too miserable within herself. She really had a hard time being a motel clerk and I often wonder, was it a punishment to herself, or just to much trouble to find another job.

I drove thru southern Wyoming, thru Windriver Canyon and Lander, the dinasor city and stopped at a small church, St Theresa in Meeteetse. Up the road to Cody I saw at least 6 rattlesnakes, dead or dying on the road. The mild weather had brought them out.

Finally made it to Cody and the same motel, Rose and I had stayed at last year. We saw a lot of the places we had been unable to go with her. The first view of the Tetons in the distance, this time I was going to see them up close and personal. Yellowstone Natl Park is 84 miles from Cody thru some of the most beautiful country you could hope to see.

The Museum was one of my first stops in Cody. Established by Buffalo Bill Cody. It has Nature part, gun part, indian part, and history and art parts. It was something you could go to for a week and still not see it all. I am enclosing a few pictures of the art work. Courtesy of the museum who own rights to all these for public use.

The Irma Cafe was a stop I enjoyed. Old Hotel named after Buffalo Bills daughter. and the shops along to small town streets, different from your everday fare. Of course they have a rodeo, It was just too early in the year to be open.

Anytime you can go to visit Wyoming GO....


Monday, February 06, 2006

Another Southern Food Place

Pictures just for fun Miss Rose Dawson

It is raining and cold and messy, so like all people with nothing to do, I decide to take a tour of the bad roads, hazardous conditions to see if my little red truck could make it to the Varsity.

This is a resturant famous for its chili dogs and fried peach pies. It has been on my mind the last few days, that before the end of this month I would indulge myself. So I pick the worst day of this year to try their menu.

Their main location is in Atlanta, close to Georgia Tech. World famous for its staff of side curb memory waiters. Drive in for food, instead of getting it to go at the drive in. The last time I swore never again would I want to stuff my face with hot dog with slaw, chili, and loads of onions. They now have a branch in Marietta about 20 miles north of the original location. Same greasy food. Same old same old.

Could not resist the urge on this miserable day. Of course I topped all this off with french fries soaked in greasy unknown and an overcooked peach pie.

This has got to be down my list of favorite places to eat. Waffle House and Krystal rank above it and if you have every tried a Krystal you know what I mean.

Tomorrow I think I will drive north to see if the Cracker Barrel is still in business. I need a change of diet.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Waffle House

Jonesy after a hard day Just for fun no pictures for Waffle House in data base.

This is my first post in about a week. It has been wet and rainy today and the sun is hiding somewhere so the groundhog can not see his shadow and cause 6 more weeks of winter. He saw it up North, but the Southern one missed it.

As most of you know, Waffle House is a southern tradition, that we introduce unwary friends from other states and countries too. It serves a tradition called Grits. No, not Girls Raised in the South, that white, weird stuff, that no true Southerner would think of, as being anything, but a major part of breakfast. Sometimes lunch and even dinner.

Tonight after spending a week with a slight cold. The tax man, and various animals known as pets. After shopping at Walmart, which always makes me hungry.I stopped for a light meal of eggs cheese, raisin toast, grits, bacon and the never empty cup of coffee, at the Waffle House, on the way home.

A couple of weeks ago I asked another waitress if Waffle House was really going to come into the modern age and start accepting atm or credit cards. She almost fainted, "No Way! We were founded on cash only and will always hold out for cash only" Guess What? Tonight the manager was covering all the help on the new credit card policy. How about that, Waffle House comes into modern times. Just hope they do not change the grits policy.

Take care and enjoy. Peace