Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So How was your weekend

My was nothing to talk about. Just took a ride to the nearest casino.

The traffic on the other side of the express way was heavy. My side was very smooth. I go along listening to my audio book and trying to figure out why I am listening to a teen age heart throb book.

The weather was beautiful, not too hot and just sunny enough to enjoy everything and how green it was from all the rain this year.

Casino for about 30 minutes, I managed to loose my billfold and win $158.37 Just as I hit the jackpot my name was called over the loud speaker to report to security.

I checked for my keys, which I lost a set last time I went to North Carolina. In my pocket. Then I checked , no billfold.

Security had already found it and when I claimed it I left for home. No more chances of losing anything.

Today I slept and picked up Noah at scouts. David is off for the summer.

Both are going to camp in the next two weeks.

Their Dad is not going to make it. He is taking a few days off.

Eric is going to Germany for a few days. His birthday is coming up this month.

And now back to the retirement game. Love ya all

Anna's Birthday is Jun 19 Thank you for all you did for Dad

One for the few pictures of me and mom and dad and louise. of course i had to pose in the dress.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

June 6 1944

That day has been in the news a lot and it brought back a few memories of my Mom and one of her nephews, He never made it off the beach that day.

She told me in later years, before she passed away, that they had been close, he was the son she never had (her only son died at birth).

He among many others in the Howell, Shinall and Abernathy families went to war. Some came home and some did not.

Some died horribly later in life ,and some lived to a ripe old age.

Back to the story of DDay . Mom worked at Bell Bomber Plant in Marietta, home of the B29 that helped end the war.

She slept during the day, that day she had a visit from Paul, he was walking in a forest, so beautiful and was telling her, not to worry he was fine. He had not made it to Europe, and wanted her to know.

Mom never talked much about her visions and the blessed things like this that happened to her. Very seldom would she tell you how she knew what was going to happen or how she knew.

Needless to say she was Irish decent. Her grandmother came from the old country.

She was loved by many and died young. 58 years old .

I was expecting my 2nd child and she died in May and he was born early . June 24 . He was due around July 12th, so on that night I looked up to see her standing by the bed.

Like a nut case , I asked what she was doing here.

She was so beautiful, not all ravaged by the illness that had taken her in May. The light behind her was shining and she smiled the smile of angels.

She looked at the baby and smiled again, disappeared and I have never seen her since. Nice to know you have an angel in the family.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Know Thyself Kidd

This has been a day when everything I touched or did turned to manure.

It started out quietly, and moved down from there.

When I got to the hospital to take my bloodtest, I think I was the 1st person this nice lady had signed in, every simple instruction had to be given by an instructor took 15 mins. This is usually a 5 min or less deal.

Took the test and ate breakfast, simple huh. It started raining and cool, and I am in my summer clothes. The food stuck in my throat. The coffee was the best and it was too hot to drink.

So far so good .

Shopping for something for E's birthday, I found nothing. Started home too collect my daily nap. This was at 930a this morning. Leaving the shopping center, I busted a front tire on the curb . So curb hopping is not a good idea , at least I did not hit the other car.

AAA came within 15 mins. Bless them, by this time the rain was beginning to get a little heavier.

The driver took me to the dealer in Canton about 20 miles from the incident, good news, busted tire no undercarriage damage. But the tires are radials, can not put different tires on same car, so I opted for a new set.

It would be 2pm or 230pm before car could be finished. So the car from the dealer took me to the close by shopping center. Meantime I was ready for another light lunch. Did some shopping and called the dealer for the pick up.. Guess what they put me on hold for 10 minutes.

By this time the sky looked bad. I gave up and began to walk toward the dealership. By the time I got there I was soaked, and looked like a drowned witch.

One of the employees came with an umbrella for the last 50 ft . The faces of the others only told me how bad I looked. Bless them they did not laugh to my face.

The mechanic had gone to lunch and the other guy, as a joke, had been the one to put me on hold. I was livid . I asked for and got a discount on the new tires. They apologized and behind my back had a great laugh.

What I learned was that I could walk a mile in the rain and survive. I did not hit and cuss out anyone. I tried to remember my angel was with me. 70ish and walking in the cool wet rain is not something your doctor would want.

But I survived.

The dog is a lot better , and Jj is bitching about the rain again.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Its June Already

Time for scout camp for both boys and a long hot summer. Noah had one of the best times of his life last year. He took a hike last weekend and made it fine, swims like a fish and this year hopes to learn a lot more stuff. The scouts have been one of the best things that every happened to him and David

This has been the worst year for my flowers since last year. I think my yard has a problem with underground warriors. Eat all roots and make old lady nuts.

The grandkids cut the grass yesterday and it sure looks a lot better. The birds are knocking on my kitchen window wanting to know when the food will be served. The squirrels are in hiding JJ is out hunting every night and sometimes he catches his own lunch.

Rained a lot this spring and the lake is full to the limit, after all the dry weather I am so glad to see it full. Boaters are out in full force. Hope they remember all the boulders hidden beneath the surface.

I saw a truck Monday with stickers of all the places I love best. Alaska, Wyoming, England and quite a few other places I had been.

Miss Rose had to go to the vet and I came out much poorer, but so far our little problems know as fleas are gone almost.

It was a new tablet that she can take and not break out from head to toe and chew her skin off, not a pretty site.

JJ is hiding his turn is next and he sure looks a lot younger than he is. So hoping he passes his vet visit.

Random thoughts for tonight.