Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cass High School class of 56

Reunion time 50 years. A good time to see how things change and how a class survives. Even a couple of our teachers were there. The one who taught us the We the People speech and believe it or not half or more of the class still remembered it and recited it back to him with laughter as they recalled having to stand in front of his desk while He ate his lunch and recite it.

We lost 16 members of a class of 76. Some to accidents and a lot to cancer and other dreaded illnesses. Some of the best and miss you all after all these years.

I had gone to school with some of class for twelve years. Some came in later from other schools in the county. A couple of cousions and lots of good friends, country kids all fresh faced before Rock and Roll and drugs changed the face of students. Hard working, loving and loyal. Love you all. Miss seeing you all these years.

Well to add to the fun I toppled over in a chair, turned a flip and landed on my ego. So what do you do for an encore. nothing. Just stand up and laugh with the rest. If it had been some of the others it would have been a disaster. We all compared our health and boy am I glad to be one of the healthy ones.

One of the wives is a gambler with several winning streaks of 25000 dollars. It would not take much for me to become an obessive gambler, as much as I love to play.

Me I just travel, boring home time, except for Rose, JJ and the grandkids. The others all do church work or charity or grandkids. A few love to travel and had been to some of the places I had been too. Some are still working, but seems most had retired.

One of the grads had lost her class ring in Hawaii and when it was found they sent it to the school for return. Some surprise, the lady lives in California and made it to the reunion. Was she ever shocked. Her daughter had lost it several years ago while on vacation.

One of the guys had been to the Crazy Horse mounement and even to Cody Wy and Yellowstone some of my favorite places. One had lived in Pasedena Ca and was shocked to hear that I had been there.

When I was a child and Dad built our old house, the man who worked on it with his sons, one of the sons was dead and the other was there and had become a large construction company owner.

On and on the list went. A lot of them had become workers in their churches and did a lot of taking care of the sick. The place was set at the home of one of the guys grandfather. It was the kind of place I want. A large pond feed by a freshwater spring. Trees and more trees. The food was catered and very good. Weather 90 degrees plus. HOT Baby Hot. I was glowing and the men were sweating. Us southern ladies glow, you know.

It is hard to remember a lot of the details but I was glad to see that I was not the only one with a lot more of me than in 1956.

Love you CLASS OF 1956 Cass High School Bartow County Georgia.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Todays World

I can not believe what is going on, who wants to get on a plane these days and sit by an odd looking person. How can the woman help going nuts the other day on the flight from England. It is bad enough when you have a regular flight and in the air with no parachute and the rivets in the plane wing are bobbing up and down as you look and see nothing but water water water.

Out comes the movie World Trade Center. Then the special on Flight 93. Let us not forget the Mircle of the 2nd floor. Seems like we need Mr Roosevelt back to fight the battle of mind games. Sept 11 is next month. Our borders are like a leaky boat and dumb butt is talking about doing away with the good stuff and trying to take voters mind off the election in November. Watch the gas prices drop the nearer the election comes.Nothing to fear but fear itself is really taking its toll on the world.

I wish The Jews had a better public relations department. They were attacked and wreaked havoc on the attackers and now the dumb butt in Washington is sending the enemy 230 millions to rebuild the enemy damage. Where is the logic of that? What about the Jews they have a toehold on the land that was given them.

To see how the British treated them in the pact of 1917 when they left the land to them as promised, only to make forked tounge promise to other side. Indian talk for bad deal to both parties.

They built the land into a growing and thriving country. They were bombed by the so called virgin bombers looking for the heaven filled with virgins. Guess what you will be reborn as a Jew and then when your fellow hooded and robed people blow you up you can come back and start all over again. Karma is a very real thing. Listen and be warned this world has had enough of infighting among our people.

Then Tom Criuse gets canned. Paramount a few years ago was the most famous studio in Hollywood. Along came 7 of 9 and Star Trek is now on the auction block. What are we going to do? No Trek ......

Then a confessed nut gets a business class ticket @3000 dollars on the taxpayers in Colorado. Did He or did He not? A lot of fuss if he didnt do it. How can they disregard the boot print of the guy who supposely killed himself with a shot in the left side when he was right handed and was a dna sample taken from him.

Good grief where are the sane and sensible people. Guess the pill pushers got them on ridlin and meth.

Have a good thought and see if enough of the people can pull and Art Bell and make a difference with our thoughts.

My grandaughter left for college last Friday to be a missionary. Honey I hope there is a world left for you to conquer with your goodness and caring and to all the others who have peace in their heart.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Nick

New job. Get to climb poles like your old lady did, before she fell.

Never did believe that I would have a great guy like you. You have been a joy and a pleasure for all your life.

Even when putting little brother up to lots of stuff not to be told here.

Even to saving girls on school buses and getting your braces smashed.

Even ice skating and messng with the kid with the body guard. and the players kid who knew Nick would protect the innocent and save the world.

Guess you and Eric were the treasures everyone wishes for but I got instead. Love you


Cat Twins?

These are pictures of the cat in South Dakota and one of Jonesy.

I could not believe how close they looked alike.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Henry turns 48

Today I read that this heat had broken more records than ever. Why does it always seems to have been hotter and colder than the records show when you were a child?

I remember the summer of 1952 when water was gone from creeks, rivers and our well( a hole in the ground that people used to get water from). The dust was so thick that my big bare feet were buried up to the top of my toes. No air conditioners and no tvs until later that year.

Now thats hot and dry. It seems like the snow we had in 1960 March in Bartow was the deepest I had ever seen including the storm of 1993.

Today is the birthday of my oldest nephew. The first grandchild of my parents and looked forward to with great joy. He turned out to be one the smartest and nicest kids I ever knew. He could read by the age of 2. Always wanted to go see Pap, who called him Abe. Why we never found out?

He ended up living with them until 1967. He served time in the Air Force as an MP. Turned to real estate and owned an electrical company. Moved on to become one of the EBAy people. Takes care of his Mom. Just a few things that show He is still one of the best.

Happy Birthday Henry Howard Leonard Williams. His mom thought He would be the only one fooled her She had 3 more. 2 boys and 1 girl.