Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Movie

At 1115p last night I made my mind up that I could not wait to see the new Potter movie, so I made the 12 15 am show.

The audience was delightful. Some came as Potter fans in costume. The excitement had everyone stunned when the theater projecter went on the blink.

A theater employee was at the forefront asap. So we all watched the previews and the biggest Ahh came when the preview of the Twilight video came on with Edward in his red lipstick and his beautiful Bella.

Back to Potter. It was a very good movie. The book of course give more detail, but this was great with all the different ways of showing how they are maturing. Wish more of Jenny and Neville had been in it. Ron was great as the Q. goalie, especially in the tryout.

Rupert is a very good comedy actor.

Emma gets more beautiful with each passing day.

Daniel gets weirder , but adorable.

The special effects were wonderful. Dumbledore was so good you could believe he was a Merling living in todays world.

Jenny is something to be reckoned with being a 7th child in a wizard family.

Neville did some group shots but not much else. Love that character.

Snape still is Snape.


Pictures are courtesy of the comcast network copyright jkrowling and warner bros.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer at the Lake

Rose and I took a little trip to the lake to see the sunset, tonight and these are what we saw.

They were so soothing I had to share them with you all .