Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman

Husband, actor, racer and so much more. It with sadness we bid goodbye to one of the greatest actors of our time.

I know an actor once who worked with him and he was so awed by just being in the scene with him that he could not get his lines to come out.

Finally someone told him to just look at his feet and not at those wonderful blue eyes.

Another story was a lady who was buying an ice cream cone for her child and saw him at a table and trying to be cool. She took her ice cream and change and walked out.

Paul soon followed and when she looked down, she had her change in her hand and did not see her ice cream cone.

Old blue eyes said "You put it in your purse."

Just a few things to let you know he was a great guy and cared for people.

To his wife and family my heart felt wishes. Remember the man not the loss.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall in the Air

The weather is so beautiful it takes your breath away. Skies so blue it makes the Sea in Aruba look like it has fled to the heavens.

I have been in no mood to do by blog, but wish to thank the person who kept looking to see if I had decided to write anything again.

Looking back over the pictures I think they liked them more than the writing.

Noah and David are doing fine. Changed schools and are adjusting fine.

To their Mom's surprise they have started reading the Harry Potter Novels. So far they are avid fans of the boy from Hogwarts. I love the books and am glad to see it.

To read is a treasure not to be believed. You can do or be anywhere or anything you want to. It is a beginning of a lifetime of adventure and so forth.

The election is really interesting this year. After years of Democratic votes I am switching to the Republicans. They should have cleaned up their act. American people are tired of both parties and when you get a couple of mavericks in the race you got to run with them.

Ian is on his way to England next month and if anyone every deserved a trip it is him. Hope he enjoys it.