Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Friday, April 05, 2013

spring time finally

NHL party in 1981
Anna's beautiful Christmas lily
Spring trip to Utah, on road to Bryce Canyon

one of the few family pictures with me dad mom and louise.  taken at ford st home in the mid 40's war time and the few times we were all together.  love them and I am the last living person in this picture.  mom 1970 dad 1977 louise 2007. 

Friday April 5 2013

Bad news all around,  most people think the world is coming to an end,  Just an end to our lives as we know and remember them.

Dental appointment yesterday and being earlier than the appointment , I drove around the town I grew up visiting and working in, and could not locate half of the places I had lived or was associated with.

The place looked dreary and lonely, most of my friends and family are in the cementary or moved elsewhere.

Just too much change for a small town to a midsize town.

The theatre is now full of  live actors, not the musical movies, I loved so much in the 50,s ,  Houses that friends and family lived in , either rundown or fixed up to look great.

Just businesses everywhere.  The beer manufacture really has made a difference.

Last night the huge electrical plant had a major problem.  They look like steam engines or nuclar plants.never heard what happened to it.

Rain yesterday and the most beautiful sky today.  Love this change , sure do miss my Dogwood flowering trees.

Annagreth and me  , the Castle Queen of England family , Miss Rose Dawson, and my two favorite sons, when they were younger , now handsome young men.