Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Sunday, August 17, 2014

sunday. august 17

can not believe how the weather is not too hot not too cold , feels wonderful.

checking to see if this is working right again.

Sam attacked me again this morning, his checkmarks are stacking up , for him to be put in a zoo, cage, or something .  not really .

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It looks like it worked.

Today is Nick jr Birthday.  46 years ago, we were in the hospital and he was hungry, with his little fist , up in the air , feed me. and I was in a sad shape, not able to get out of bed. One week later we went home.

He has been a pleasure and joy since I knew he was coming.

Love him and wish him many more days.

Brother Eric cam 18 months later , 2 great blessings .

It has been a great pleasure to know them both.

Jonesie and Rose

Both are gone now, JJ passed in June of 2010 and Rose pseudo this year in june, she was very ill. Ran away one night and fell into a ditch of cold water

New cat named Sam, meanest cat I have ever owned.  Gift from Nick

Trying to set up blog on a new computer . Hope this works.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Midnight and still up

Just moved the cat out of the way and fixed a wall, boy is it messy to patch a wall,
Rose is still muddling around, blind in one eye and almost blind in the other.

It is fall and the leaves are beautiful.  Up until last week I thought they were going to turn brown and fall off...

I looked out the kitchen window and it looked like a heavy rain of golden leaves and then I jumped in my car and took a long ride.  Maple leaves , Oak leaves , Sweet gum leaves and so many more.

The squirrels will not leave the bird feeder alone so brought it in for a few days.  Seems funny no birds have shown up to complain.

So much for Indian Summer , it has really turned chilly tonight.

Friday, April 05, 2013

spring time finally

NHL party in 1981
Anna's beautiful Christmas lily
Spring trip to Utah, on road to Bryce Canyon

one of the few family pictures with me dad mom and louise.  taken at ford st home in the mid 40's war time and the few times we were all together.  love them and I am the last living person in this picture.  mom 1970 dad 1977 louise 2007. 

Friday April 5 2013

Bad news all around,  most people think the world is coming to an end,  Just an end to our lives as we know and remember them.

Dental appointment yesterday and being earlier than the appointment , I drove around the town I grew up visiting and working in, and could not locate half of the places I had lived or was associated with.

The place looked dreary and lonely, most of my friends and family are in the cementary or moved elsewhere.

Just too much change for a small town to a midsize town.

The theatre is now full of  live actors, not the musical movies, I loved so much in the 50,s ,  Houses that friends and family lived in , either rundown or fixed up to look great.

Just businesses everywhere.  The beer manufacture really has made a difference.

Last night the huge electrical plant had a major problem.  They look like steam engines or nuclar plants.never heard what happened to it.

Rain yesterday and the most beautiful sky today.  Love this change , sure do miss my Dogwood flowering trees.

Annagreth and me  , the Castle Queen of England family , Miss Rose Dawson, and my two favorite sons, when they were younger , now handsome young men.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My thoughts for 2013 Sat mar 30

Saturday before Easter.

Thinking today of what it must have been like standing at the edge of the  crowd and watching the Rabbi being nailed to the wooden cross.  The two beside him.

He knew what was to happen but today it seems the athesit have tried every way to discredit Him.

Yet in my heart I know he is stronger than this evil that has taken over the world.  History repeating itself.

The two Marys at the foot of the cross crying, the crowd silent as the world rolls and thunder crashes, do they think"Oh my God , what have we done?"

Time will show them that it had to be that way,  That the people of the earth will need his love and courage for many lifetimes to come.

Schools teach evil and it goes out into the world and it gets meaner.  Bad people are put in charge of running this world but only He can make it better.

Share your love with all.  Not just the  ones near you. A smile can make someone think, there is love to spare even for me.

Have a Happy Easter and Greet the rising of the Son as a new beginning, when nothing will be the same and Evil will be overcome.