Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ian Birthday Special

Ian is the oldest of my grandsons. He is now the tallest in our family. When Eric was home in October He looked like he had been slammed when He saw his nephew towering over him.

Ian is a quiet and helpful youngster. When he was about three he wanted to go after the police when he thought they were going to get me for something. Holding him back I knew he was going to be a quiet " Hoss Cartwright" type. A gentle giant among men.

This summer we took several trips to the lake and to get haircuts, eat out and celebrate other birthdays. Thursday we celebrated mine and his. The cake was delicious and his mom had put a lot of work into it.

Ian broke his two front teeth thanksgiving day and when he sat down and got real quiet, I asked him what he was doing "praying" came back the answer. Most kids his age would have been weeping and wanting something to make it quit hurting.

When his dog Lucy got sick and we had to take her to the vet, he started crying when he thought he would lose the dog. The nurse looked at him and thought a big teen crying. When I told her he was only 13 years old she did a double take. He is very tall and good looking for his age and when the waitress wait on us, they flirt and he just says "thank you"

Happy Birthday Ian and many happy more. 6 ft 4 inches of grandson. love ya gramme

Monday, January 08, 2007

It Has been a Year

Cowboys blog is celebrating a birthday of one whole year. It has been one of ups and downs. My tab key is messed up so no paragraphs sorry. My sister has finally made it to San Franscisco and Hopefully will make it back. She has dreamed of it for years. The weather was horrible when they left but she made her 1st flight fine.

My 6 grandkids had a great Christmas all got bikes. Now if they will just use them.

Ian broken teeth are repaired and look great. Broke them Thanksgiving Day.

The lake is so low and all the new housing starts are really going wild in North Georgia. Took a few pictures before Christmas and today the rain is falling so should be able to have a secure feeling of water.

My grandson asked about gas for the future. I told him to check water rights. With billions of people and them 99 % water the 1 % water will be drying up .and more precious than any fuel.

Both sons ended up with career changes in the last year. The oldest followed my footsteps and fell off a pole. Yep telephone pole. He loves the job and the youngest moves if nothing happens to England next month or March.

The dog and the cat are up and running all night. Sure messes up your sleep patterns. Love the love hate relationship between Mr Jones and Miss Rose.

Nick was taking pictures and my camera ran out before I got one of him and Angie.

Have a great year and maybe this year we can have more up to date pictures. Did you know the flowers are blooming a month early weird weather. Peace and Joy