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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birthday Baby Pictures of Rube

We call him Eric and boy did I scanned a bunch of pictures today from his early years and am still not through. He was a beautiful baby

He is a nice looking man today.

Some of the pictures will not make any sense to someone who does not know him, so here goes. The one on the tricycle is one of his first wheels. Christmas was a big time for the two of them.

The second one is one of our many conversations. His first words were" good boy." when he was only a month or so old. Believe it or not.

The third is the lost bottle. It was very easy to give up the bottle and never asked for it again. He would go by the dishwasher and look at it and say The dishwasher ate my bottle. and walk off never cried and he threw his pacifier out of the bed and would not use it when he given it the first time. So we never had that problem.

The fourth is the bald head not growing hair very fast and his older brother who had a head of hair from day one. Mom laughing with them but Eric seems a little ill at ease. This was soon after Nick threw him out of the baby bed. He did not get hurt but he was leary of him for ages.

The last was taken Christmas still my baby. love mom

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eric the Rube Happy Birthday

This is a little late but I just woke up. Hard day sorting stuff with Hope.

37 years ago he came into this world and we almost lost him. It was a week of touch and go as to whether he would live or die. My sis gave a pint of blood and it turned him around. He was the most beautiful baby and we were blessed to have him with us. Big brother Nick tried to throw him out of the bed more than once. After time passed they became great friends.

To this day they get along better than most siblings.

Love you and wish I could have spent the day with you. I ate a large lunch and toasted your day. love mom jj and rose

Thursday, June 21, 2007

To Anna Happy Birthday June 19

Mrs Anna was a neighbor of ours for many years. Her and Mom and Dad were all good friends. When her husband died my folks watched out for her. When Mom was dying she stayed with her at the hospital many times, including one night when they had put mom in a room with a cancer patient who was dying and the odor was so bad that they held sachets under their noses so they could breath.

Her sons were gospel singers and traveled a good deal from the time they were young. I lost track of them for many years after I left home. After mom passed Anna and Dad were married. He and mom had decided that he could not be alone after she was gone. She told me that she had told Daddy the same. She had chosen Anna because she knew she would take care of him.

My Dad was lucky in marriages he had two great wives. Being 65 he did not have much time left, so some people felt it was a rushed job. Not so they took care of each other. She stayed with him in the last year as much as she could and more. Her mother was also in bad health in Tennessee. For two weeks she never left his side at Emory when he had a pacemaker put in. He passed away the following November. The pacemaker was put in on Aug 16 1977 so you can imagine what a day that was pacemaker, my oldest sons birthday, and Elvis left the building.

One of her sons was killed in a plane crash in 1980. The other two are still living. Still preaching and singing I hear. They do not keep in touch with me.

She was responsible for me going back to work for BellSouth and being able to live the good life I do now in retirement. For that I am very grateful and will all love her for all she did for our family. She was a never tiring spirit and I miss her. Peace be with you and I know you and Mom are angels now.

She was Eric's stepgrandmother and she loved him. Her and Dad gave him this Easter Bunny.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Luxor Has Been Defeated

The time is 1110pm edst . It took me 5 months to do it but never giving up and driving my family and friends insane I have won won won. LUXOR HAS BEEN DEFEATED.

I gave up playing for Lent because it had and is an obsession with me. Here I am retired and sit at a computer longer than I did when I worked.

I can not believe the quest is finished. I enjoyed most of it. I deleted the games that did not play out after about a hundred times and ended up with 4 sessions in the 13 level. tonight I made it.

Almost as much fun as winning 10,000 pennies.

Just a note to say never get into a game that you want to win and takes forever to do so. Not good to be obsessed with playing this or any other. It is like gambling fever.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Gary Allan and Sam's

What a trip! 2 free nights and winnings covering all my expenses including the Gary Allan Fan Club Party.

That did not cover my gas bill but driving the limo is great. I was stuck in traffic coming home last night and to pass the time I put in a dvd of The Winds of War and Pug Henry saved my nerves.

The casino in Tunica has some of the nicest people I have met in a long time. The clerk told me she would give me another night free if I would like to stay. I asked her about using comp as they call it and she erased my credit card # and told me it was all on the house. Including $10 to play the games which I ran up to $127 dollars. Now when you go into a place like that always keep enough to get home on. I had Ian"s yard cutting money, which I never touched. I won and lost and had a great time with the slots. One of the floor people was a lady who was a great help. She was so nice and had traveled and lived everywhere. Her nephew had been injured in Iraq and if you want a little outrage think about our vets having to pay $50 dollars for the purple heart. Your butt of a president could change this if he was half of what he should be. Our Veterans are giving more of their time and lives than we can every thank them for. God Bless all of you.

Gary Allan's party was really different this year. None of his band was there and most of the ones I know were no longer with his band. He did have the writers of his most famous songs and told his fans, who were cheering like loved starved fans do. that he is working on a new album.

Without Jake Kelley it just does not seem like the same but that man has star quality all over him no matter who he plays with Gary Allan is one beautiful guy.

Thank you Sharon and all your group you do a great job every year. Looking forward to it next year.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Pix and Mr Fang

This is a picture of two of my favorite cats. They belong to a couple of friends out in South Dakota. They both choose the couple knowing they would be well taken care of and loved.

Mr. Fang is an adventurer and Pix is the shy one. Dem is the one who chases everything including wild turkeys and cows. Even Mr Fang and then he rescues her.

Pix is just beginning to explore per the owner.

It has been such a boring week or so that I have not had much to do except play games on the computer it looks like I am going to have to get a life or new interest.

I am supposed to go to Nashville next week and see Gary Allan. I am thinking about an overnighter in Tennessee and see Chattanooga sights while I have a dog sitter.

Enclosed are a few pictures of different things. Hope you enjoy them. Peace be with you.