Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Time

You used to hear the phrase April Showers bring May flowers. Must have been for the Northern part of the country. We started having flowers in late January. My yard always produces flowers planted by the former owner.

What a surprise we got the first year when all the tulips and hyacinth started coming up. The azeala bushes were so beautiful this year. They are now taller than my head. I am 5 ft 6 in.

The rain has not developed like it should so now we are in the midst of a drought. I look and see how many trees have been taken out in the name of progress and it does not surprise me very much. Many years ago Cobb County paved half the county with developments and their temperature went up several degrees.

Another thing that seems to bug me is the idea of taking the water from the ocean and desalting it. Seems that it would make another ecologist mess. Forgive me but I saw so much of Alaska's snow disappear in Glacier bay back in 93. It may look like it is not much, but think, the ice age is no more the warming trend started a long long time ago.

On my soap box and so you can quit shaking your head, the nut case may believe in trees, but at my age you see what destroying them does to the next generation.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Night

Well another day of shaking my head and wondering why in the heck I traded cars again. I think I have a sickness. Does anyone have a cure? If the auto gives me trouble or even feels like it is wrong off I go to the car store.

Most people buy a car every 5 or 6 years. Me, as Eric says it must be new car season. The new one has enough buttons on it to drive you nuts.

Rose got in it Sunday and was bound and determined that she was going for a ride in her new car. Nick was cleaning off the roof and she sat in the car for at least 30 minutes and then I had to pull her out. She finally got to go for a ride when I took my grandson home.

Then Mr Button pusher had 2 more to join him in seeing how many different cup holders they could find the last count was 17. The seats heat up for winter comfort, so Mr push the button had the air conditioner on 61 degrees and his seat on warm,

Then he found some of the storage units and next I told him if he did not stop I was going to slap his hand like I did Eric when he was younger and still does only I am not the driver. So he finally settled down and tomorrow the rest of the crew gets to go for a ride in the new Gramme Wagon.

Peace be with you

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today I missed a call from my youngest son and I sure do wish I could see or talk to him. I do some of the stupidest things some time and he keeps my head on straight.

My middle grandson was with me today and boy did we trade up or down according to what we got. It is one year older than my Highlander but has more automatic stuff that I will spend the next year trying to figure all of it out. Leather seats, 6 disc stereo, doors that open and close with a 6 button key. Of course my other car was brand new when I got it, but I have never been happy with it or the deal I made on it. It remains to be seen how this one will turn out.

I am used to a front end in front of my windshield, but somehow it is designed where you see the road and looks from inside like it has no front in. Side airbags tires that are brand new. I had been looking for a Sienna Station Wagon for 2 years and when I saw this one and found a prayer penny it seems like a good deal. I will still be able to pay this one off at the same time the other one was to be paid off.

I drive a lot, but have cut down on the miles in the last year or so. Seats fold down and doors slide man is it ever cool. The white one is the one I traded. I had it for almost two years. Glad to see it gone.

Now why did I do it? I get the trading bug too often and too much. The last two times I made some bad trades this time it was not the best but I sure do like what I got. It was too late when we got home to make a picture but there will be one some time tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Morning Time

Today is a day I have never understood. When I worked it made it seem more worth while, then when I was off (worked a company that ran 24.7) It seemed it was a long day and really did not want to do or go anywhere.

With Zeni it was a lot of fun. We learned a lot about history and relatives who have passed away and just saw lots of things I would not have seen for myself. We have visited a lot of places in Tennessee, Alabama and North Georgia.

The trip to Columbus a few months ago was one I would never have thought I would enjoy so much. The beauty of the town and canyon was breath taking. The many Indian Festivals and of course going looking for graves for people, who have moved from the state, and want to find the graves of their relatives.

The old Cooper Plantation in Cartersville , when the water was down so far we could walk out and see what Sherman had left of it. Including the ravages of the Allatoona Dam Water .

In Tennessee we saw the graves of the group of men who were in the Great Locomotive Chase from Big Shanty also know as Kennesaw. It was amazing to visit Tunnel Hill Ga and see where they were stopped and that day I saw a reinactment of a battle from the War Between the States. Them Yankees and Rebels were fighting like it was still the 1860's.

One trip we took to Barnsley Gardens in Kingston Ga. Haunted Mansion that was Margaret Mitchell's inspired her Scarlett and Rhett or so the story goes. They had a lot of trouble at the place until one of the owners had an Indian remove the curse and now it is a thriving tourist attraction.

Just a few of the places we have seen. She loves Helen Ga and that area. We even visited Cleveland Ga where the famous Cabbage Patch babies are born. Amazing the things that inspire her to go nearly ever week end.

Least we forget the Oakland Cementary in Atlanta, Bobby Jones the golfer is buried there and golf balls seem to be tossed all over when the Masters players visit and leave him a couple.

Enough I have got to get ready for my Special Sunday Trip. Peace be with all of you and love to each of you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Game Time

This has been a long 40 days. I gave up my game of Luxor for the time and am trying to get over playing it so much.

Of course Eric did not think I would make it, but I did. Now if we can get his passport and move completed everything will fall into place.

Cub scouts on monday night with David and his brothers was pretty neat. It brought back some funny memories of a big company sending people to school to learn to tie knots. I spent a day in 1978 learning what the scouts were being taught last night. I actually passed the thing with flying colors. It was the blasted pole climbing with my frontage that gave me such a time. I had seen another person hug a pole on the way down and she was splintered horribly and I made up my mind I would get up and down and If I every took the leap off one it would be no way I would hug it.

Less than a year later I fell 15 to 17 ft and landed on my feet and rolled backwards, knocked the wind out of me and then some reporter stuck a mike in my face, while I was on my back,
saying she was filming women in unusual jobs and I made the 6 o clock news. Heaven help the kidding I took from the other techs. Who were always nice to me.

I left that career after a few months because my ankle was damaged in the fall, but no splinters.

Life goes on but memories are selective and never know when they will pop up. One of the pictures today is of Nick and Eric in World of Disney. They took at least 25 rolls of the sights and the girls there. Eric had a broken foot and was walking on a cast. Nick was taking pictures of him around the park trying to make a friend, He finally ended with a wooden indian. The one Nick took a picture of last year.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flowers and Grandpa

Today is the last sort of warm day left till Easter. Most people think it is just a freak time. All my life we called this the Easter cold spell. Next will be a freak time in May which we called blackberry winter.

You have to live among people who could tell the weather by the sky and not the Weather Channel. It was amazing how when the sky looked so beautiful my Dad would say storm coming.

Back to Grandpa and the granddaughter. Randy made it to England to see his 1st grandchild and the pictures are of one beautiful baby. He is one proud Grandpa.

I have six grandchildren and feel that way about all of them. From Jordan to David they are beautiful and smart and wonderful addition to my life. Could be one more one day from the Europe side of the pond. The one who said never caused me the shock of my life when he said someday might be possible. Who knows? Love you all Nick and Eric and families.

I took my trusty camera out in my neighborhood today and took a few pictures. This place is so beautiful, every time I hear a saw cutting down a tree I wonder why. So many houses on the market in the subdivision its scary. We could have an all new group when they sell.