Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who is the most impressive Famous Person

The other day as I was driving around, a radio show had a question " Who is the most Famous and Impressive Person you ever Met?"

I have had the fortune to met a lot of famous people. How, being in the right place at the right time.

It was a joy to meet most of them. Very few did not impress me as being super nice people.

I am a Star Trek Fan from the original series, through the years I have taken several cruises and gone to conventions and met a lot of the players in the series.

But when I got to thinking about all the people I have met, great memories and all the one who stood out the most was the Man who wrote the series.

He and his wife were on the 1st cruise I ever traveled on. A three day wonder. It was like a dream.

The next time I saw him was two years later and he was in a wheel chair and his skin was like paper. His male nurse was with him, and I knew the wonder man was reaching the end of his time.

But what a life. So much talent and so loved by millions. I was grateful for the few times we met and thank you .

He dreamed of a future with peace among all people. A space with wonderful dreams to be full filled.

Love you Gene Roddenberry

Vist to Elvis

Like a lot of past trips to see the King, I took along a 1st time visitor.

Noah mostly listened to the radio and leaned back and enjoyed the time with gramme.

We stayed at Heartbreak Hotel across for Graceland. Visited Graceland, and saw the Mississippi.

He was not as impressed as I was in the changes that had been made to Graceland, a lot of what I remember is there no more. The great racquet hall court has been put to use as a storage hall. The impression it made in the past was the wonder of all he accomplished in such a short life. Now it holds more suits. The power and awe of the albums and glass statue is lost.

How could you not miss all his badges and guns. It is now changed to mostly all costumes from the 1970's. One after another. Sometimes 4 copies of the same outfit. All he had collected from different law enforcement offices gone.

I miss the home grown displays that were there in the 90's when I first visited it.

The name change was something I really wanted to prove, and I found one piece of proof. His draft card, shows Aron as the middle name not AAron.

It was in the Pvt Presly display down in the old strip shop.

Noah and I did enjoy seeing the wall with all the signatures and notes to him.