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Monday, February 26, 2007

Trek Fever SeaTrek CruiseTrelk

In looking at some of the pictures I made on my voyages and cons with the Star Trek fandom I am amazed to see how much fun it was and wish I could capture all the good memories in my head. I find that in looking at the pictures I missed so much in memories now.

Thank goodness most of the best are in pictures. My "Where is Sylvia" was in one of my bunch of pictures albums. What a weird place to have pictures!

I am trying to get them organized so that I can put up some new posts. A friend of my grand daughters is a big trek fan and when he found out I had met Mr. Roddenberry my Gramme status went big time with him.

The picture of George and Mama walking down the street to catch the ferry back to the boat was pure elegant love of Son and Mother. I remember that day and we had already gotten on the ferry and when they made it the boat was full and before my friends and I could change places with them we had pulled away from the dock. It was raining and I have felt so bad about it.

George was one of the first stars I met and He was and is one of my favorites. Jimmy was in Atlanta after the 1st cruise and when he called me my son turned around and saw who it was and he looked like he was with a unknown person. Surely Scottie did not know his mom. Just an ordinary Star Trek fan.

The stars of that show are some of the nicest people you will ever hope to meet. They enjoyed or appeared to enjoy traveling as much as I did.

SeaTrek and Cruisetrek were the ones I traveled on. If you ever get a chance as I said before Go!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Well today I give up my one addiction for Luxor. It is a game that I play everyday and the one thing that I feel I will have the hardest time not doing.

Eric laughed when he heard what I was doing. He saw how much I missed playing computer games last year when I was over there.

I retired a couple of years ago and lead a rather selfish life. After 37+ years of working I retired with a good life I never expected to have.. Good health has been my blessing for many years, in fact most of my life.

Last year was a year when I was sickly and grouchy etc. So at the beginning of this year I made up my mind. Good Health and not to be so yucky.

My grandchildren are my joy now that my sons are grown and living their lives. I use my time to spend with them as much as possible. We go out to eat and shop and movies. Just bum around the house sometimes, like this weekend they discovered my attic. It is filled with leftover life stuff from the sons and myself. They had a blast.

I love my sons and Thank God for having two of the best.

So off to church for Ash Wednesday services and the beginning of the Lenten season. Peace be with all of you.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jordan and Hope

Thank you for being two of my favorite people. I have enjoyed having you for my Granddaughter and my Niece.

Some of the best trips have been taken with you all. It has been a hard month so this blog has not been too active in the last couple of months.

With the passing of my sister and the weather and whining about how bad I feel, I made up my mind this is going to be a better year.

Hope takes some of the best pictures I have every seen. She has been published in several books and magazines. She takes pictures of concerts, Indian powwows, and cementaries. She knows more history of our state and this country. She has a great eye for art and photos. When we go to a museum she will usually tell the keeper things even they do not know.

Jordan is in college at 17 just turned 18 and wants to be a doctor missionary. She is a great person to know. She looks after me when I am not feeling well and stayed with me during last years mess at the hospital. Hope was there too. Bless them both.

I could say a lot more but they might not want to feel I was buttering them up. Love both of you.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Louise Howell Williams

On Sunday Louise passed away.. She had lived from March 11 1929 to Feb 4 2007, She had 7 children 3 girls and 4 boys. Her husband and one of her sons passed away this century.

She is survived by 3 girls and 3 sons. She had been sick for several years with heart and lung trouble. She had been a housewife for years and loved to shop and travel and watch tv.

She loved Ebay and all its ways. She traveled to San Francisco in January. A life long wish to see the city of her dreams.

Loved by many and cherished by her family, she was ready to pass over to the other side. A fond farewell l to a lady.