Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Thursday, January 31, 2008


It seems like I have been home a month and my trip to England happened a long time ago.. It was a lot of fun and I still have a lot of pictures left that I have not posted.

It is getting close to income tax time in the states and I am trying to decide whether to file with the company that has done my taxes for over 20 years or try to do it myself.

I have slept for 3 days and still sleepy. I took a couple of sleeping pills and I think my body decided to catch up on all I have lost this month. It is raining in Ga tonight and boy do we need it.

The water supply is down so low the ground grabs every drop that falls.

Rose and Jonesy are both doing well. Rose has only pouted all this week. Guess my homecoming has worn off.

Clyde and Sue sent pictures of Fang and boy is he ever staying close to the warmth. It looks like a cold South Dakota. Would love to see the ranch in all seasons.

Not much to tell you about this week since as I said I have slept it away.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Just read a story about a returned camera. Wonder if anyone else would do the same. My heart goes out to the couple who made such an effort to find the owner of a camera left in a taxi in New York City on New years Eve.

I am beginning to get back in the real world. I have replaced my camera, taken a few pictures and I think I am really going to enjoy it.

It seems to be lighter than the other one that was lost. The battery is different. Can not wait to take a trip to take some shots.

I look at the trip photos Eric downloaded for me and thank him so much for taking care of his absent minded mom. I still believe I took the camera off the plane and lost it in the xray machine when I was stopped by a tsa agent.

Randy had his operation and looks like he is doing great. Hope he has fun when he goes to see his grandbaby before long.

My grand sons were so glad to get me back. My dog has most of her hair back and Jonesy thinks the world was made for his pleasure. Just normal.

My son in the states is working on getting a house and wants me to move. Now it seems like something that I would like to do and then I think I have lived here since 1984. who would want to buy this house and I sure do not want to give it away. It should all work out. Things will get better. Just a down time for everything.

Witch weather vane Farnborough, fern on the roof Jane Austin home, tradition shot me and the British Policemen, Lord Nelson statue huge, and the 7 sisters cliffs of Dover.

all were beautiful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

what a year

Today is the 19th of the year 2008. It has been a merry go round since the 17th of December.

I left for England on that date. I had a great trip but oh my goodness what in the world is going on.

My clothes dryer overheated the week I left. During my trip a deer ran out in front of my car that my oldest son was driving and damaged the right side. My electric unit box nearly burned my house up.

The people looking after the house caught it. My dog lost most of the hair on her sides and looked like she had a mohawk haircut when I got home.

What a trip through the Gatwick Airport. Security was a nightmare. One bag had to stay in England. That was a surprise. I thought 1 carry on meant a bag but no its your pocketbook if you are a lady and a back pack otherwise or small suitcase but not both.

My camera was left on the plane or tsa in Atlanta has a very good camera. I was checked and rechecked. I did not think too much about it until I got in the car and checked for my camera. We filed a report but nothing as usual every happened about it.

Upset is not the word for it. The electric panel and the car are both fixed. Guess things happened for a reason. huh

I replaced the camera and now am ready for the snow we had this week and the bitter cold we are supposed to have this week end.

My trip was great. I saw a lot of places I had always wanted to see.

Stonehenge, Jane Austins place, Winsor Castle, and King Arthurs table. A lot more to be sure.

I did not make it to the white cliffs but my camera did. Together my son and Anna and I had nearly a 1000 photos of my trip. Which thankfully he had downloaded before the ill fated trip home. Look on the bright side. It was a smooth flight home.

Rose and Jj were well taken care of and were glad to see me I think. They were spoiled rotten by the ones who took care of them.

All the bills are caught up, tags bought. and I still have not got over jet lag.

enough of this .