Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October 17 2018

Nearly a year since I stupidly put Rescue down, If I had it to do over would never do it.

My blood pressure has shot back up again, thought we had it down to normal , got to go thru another test trial again. I had a scan today and the day was totally a waste of time. it is my head and neck that was injured and the cause of the blood pressure being so high.

How can you just keep on going and never exist. They see an old lady , and then they see nothing. Hey you I am here and I know me better than you bunch of nothings do. I live inside,
if not for a trip coming up I would take a trip and not come back. sell the house and all my nothing collections.

Love my children and families. all are great people.

When my time is over and the last day is done , I want to be scattered over an area to feed the forest , flowers and life.

Angels are my guardians and they have kept me alive since I was thrown in the fireplace as a small child.