Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bush;s rebate

Cherokee County will probably get most of the elderly folks rebate. They sent out a letter and notified us that we had to have a new installation on our water heaters in the next 30 days.

Guess Bush will be happy a very wealthy county will enjoy the surge for the economy.

Bless them.

After all the trouble I have had with plumbers and septic tank people over the years it makes the other letter sound good. Buy your house as is no questions asked.

I usually do not get politically involved in things around here but it sure ruined a good mood.

I will get it done and will pay no more than the rebate.

We love this weather, beautiful and cloudy and no rain yet. We have a full lake of water and the Atlanta one is still down 12 feet. God answers prayers. Now if people do not start praying for the rain and snow to stop we will have enough water to live with.

The corn and rice problems are something I could have told them about a few years ago. You do not use your food supply for fuel. It is like burning down the house to heat it. And the Great Depression of the 1930's began with a Wall Street failure and a drought. Look around you at the farm land and the trees that have disappeared.

Never read the bible and the story of Joseph I guess. Good luck Bush. Keep on printing that low dollar and see what happens.

Love to you all and keep the faith. We will be blessed if we keep the faith and remember who is in charge and I do not mean politicans.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Talk About Luck

My gambling fever hits ever so often and for the last few months I have wondered how I would do playing Cash 3 using my old ID #. Well today it hit.

As the old joke goes "if you want to win you got to buy the ticket".

I could play that # for the rest of my days and it would never come up again. Then the # I had before keeps popping in my head. Any one care to use 009 as a cash 3 and let me know how it comes out.

This has been a beautiful day. I picked up Noah at his home school testing site and we had a great lunch.

He is excited about the campout this summer. A few of the activities they have planned for May.
If you do not know the indecision maker that he was, you would not believe the difference a year in scouting made.

Rose is doing fine after the scare we had about her. Sassy as ever. Mr JJ brought in a baby bird over the week end and as I told before it did not make it back to the nest.

My video games are gettin the best of me. I am now up to 1000 games and counting.

Noah in scout uniform.

Meet Lambert the greatest cat we ever were owned by.

Two turkeys greet spring time in South Dakota.

last it gets my goat I did not play the Cash 3

Friday, April 18, 2008

Long time no write

It has been a busy few months and I did not have much to say.

Nick got his house and Eric gets a visit from 6 ft 3in nephew this year.

Noah has his first Boy Scout camp out this Saturday.

David gets to play soccer for beginners.

Me I get to nurse Jonesy's new gift to Rose a baby bird. Nasty temper too.

I am still engrossed in the Harry Potter characters. I enjoy the recorded books as much if not more than the printed copies.

It is springtime here. As usual the flowers are beautiful.

As I said a lot going on but not much to write about.