Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Friday, March 30, 2007

Good Old Days

Yesterday a friend sent me one of the messages that make the rounds of what the good old days were like. Some of them were not so good. My family lived in a poverty ruled time. The Depression of the 30's left a mark on them. Never wanted to be that way again and worked hard to stay above the bad times of that era.

Money was usually short, but Dad's family made great gardens. Hunted for wild animals, such as deer. So we never went hungry. But when television came along. My Dad discovered the movies he had loved so much when he was younger and the religion he chose forbade enjoying the evil theater.

He bought a television set as soon as he could save the money to get a small one. Many hours of watching westerns and the movies from the 1930's and 1940's. He lived to see color take over, but somehow the great shoot um up westerns remained his favorite.

Especially The kind where the good guy wore a white hat and the bad guy wore a black hat. He always wanted to try to out shoot Marshal Dillon.

The comedies were my favorite Our Miss Brooks was one I waited for each week. I love Lucy with the quick wit of the four main stars. Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca driving the car down the road while sitting in two chairs, left both of us laughing so hard we almost rolled in the floor. When she came to the sign about snakes in the road( curves ahead or winding road). One of my favorite scenes.

Wrestling was one of my Grandmother's favorites. Remember Gorgeous George with the bleached blond hair. Baron Leonne to name a few. She weighed less than a hundred pounds skinny and mean as a ***** . Dad and Mom took her to a real match one night and she shook her fist at a 200 + pound wrestler.

Just a few of my memories. Hope you like the pictures.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Friend in Need

Clyde sent me pictures of his and Susan's treasures. Cats. Adopted from the wild or just thrown out in the world. I have told of Mr Fang and Pix several times, but the pictures I got today were funny.

The other day I got pictures of Mr Fang up a tree, chased by Pix. He is sitting there looking like a scared rabbit. With Pix at the base of the tree.

In the next few days I got pictures of her chasing wild turkeys and then running from them. No Mr Fang to the rescue, but today she chased something bigger and more scarer than she is. Look in the lower right of the picture and you will see her running for her life. In the next Mr. Fang to the rescue.

They have several cats all well loved but these are the youngest or newest to the SD ranch. It is really in the woods and they have no worry about cars only predators.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Perfect Day

It was about one of the nicest days I have seen in a long, long time. The sun was shining and the breeze was slightly blowing. Just enough to keep it a good even temperature.

My oldest grandson and I cut the grass and cleaned the yard out. It looks so much better. The yardman, who had worked on the yard for several years has not shown up since last August. I have no idea what happened to him, he was not in the best of health. Hope he is okay.

My two youngest grandsons had been fighting so much that their mom decided Gramme needed some company. We ended up eating pizza and buying video games. They were as good as gold.

Of course I think the Grandmother in The Legend of Billy Bob had something to do with it. When she put the grandkids out cleaning the road way. David slid down in his seat and has been an angel most of the time since when he is with me. No I did not know the content of the movie before I took them to see it, but it was funny. Language terrible.

I talked to Eric the other day and he said it was snowing in Germany and I told him he did not want to know what our weather was. 70 + Sunny etc.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Scenic Georgia

Last fall I took a trip to the Columbus Georgia area and these are a few of the pictures.

The downtown area of Columbus has a waterfall and river park very beautiful.

Close by is Providence Canyon. Glorious colors and beautiful to see. All the different geological layers of Mother Earth.

Also The Little White House of FDR the president who had polio and found the Warm Springs Health spa area.

Lots of history around this small but bustling town. Now for a few pictures.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Meet Ansley Mae McArthur

Born in England on March 9 2007. Her favorite Grampa will be the handsome one from Georgia.

Saturday I received pictures of the long anticipated event. Her Mom and Dad are in the Air Force. Her Grampa is retired from the same company I worked for.

She is beautiful and looks a lot like Eric when he was born. She weighed in at 8lbs and 2 ounces and tall 22 inches. Mom and Dad are doing fine. The glow of the first born is evident from the pictures.

It is always good to see a baby as a gift from God than a burden. It looks like she will be one well loved child.

Matthew and Breh not sure of the spelling of mom's name. Congratulations.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Moon Shots

I received some great pictures of the recent moon eclipse taken in South Dakota. It was really a clear night and the shots are beautiful.

Just wanted to share them with you all. Clyde takes a lot of pictures. He and Susan share a few of them with me. They own the ranch in South Dakota with the log cabin and log barn and lots of cats.

One of them looks a lot like Jonesy. He was found and at first they thought he was a wild one, but he turned out to be another abandon sweetie.

They have two other kitties. Adorable from their pictures.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Monday Morning 2am est

After sleeping all weekend now that its the beginning of the week I can't go to sleep. If it was not for this computer I would feel like a lost Gramme.

The grandsons have been sick most of the winter and I have not seen very much of them. David missed cub scouts last week due to an extended bout with a cold.

The weather and news have been so horrible this past month it gives me bad dreams. Even the dream catcher does not have the power to catch them.

I was watching the news the other morning, right after the bus left the ramp in Atlanta and I remember that intersection, the first morning I got off from work I got turned around and ended up getting on the express way north at the same place in an hov lane. It is the goofiest traffic pattern in and around the metro Atlanta area, that as a native Georgian I get lost.

The hov lanes are great but the getting on and off are horrible. You have to plan 2 exits back and really know where to get off and where to start coming from the middle of the expressway to reach your exit.

Are all cities that way?

Jonesy is trying to take over my chair so guess I better add a few pictures and bid you all a good morning and hope we have a better week.

The sunset for beauty in this world and the rainbow over the destroyed forest a promise it will get better.

Bless the people who got hit by the bad weather and lost loved ones. Bless the families of the team and driver of the bus.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rose and Jonesy

These two mutts have a lot in common. They were both adopted from people on the sidewalk.

Jonesy came from Walmarts in the 90's. He was so beautiful I had to go back and get him. We had 3 other cats here and boy they did not take to him. So when my niece moved I gave the gang of three to her. They are well loved and taken care of.

Eric saw him the day we got him and thanked me for his birthday present. I hate to tell him but I did not know what to get him and Jonesy happened along. The best present he ever had or so he said.

Well Eric ups and goes to Germany in 97 and here I am with Jonesy again. In march of 98 I took Jonesy to Germany via Zurich. The stinker slept all the way. If it had been after 9/11 he would never have made it. The rules and regulations are to strict.

In the airport when I took him to the bathroom with me I let him out of his cage and the first thing he did was use my winter coat for a potty. I wondered why until Eric told me he hated that coat and would be glad to get rid of it.

When Eric came back to the states in Oct 98 he had to come cargo and would have nothing to do with Eric for a week. So when Eric went back to Germany, I talked him into letting Jonesy stay here. I told them He was staying where he was. He was too old to fly.

Now Miss Rose came to us when the Dalton Humane Soc. had a giveaway or buy the shots. Some how she was the most expensive deal they had. Never been sick a day in her life. You should see the scars she has on her. Now she is really spoiled but smart as a little dog usually is. She reads rest stop signs when you travel and barks or whines 1 mile. She was a pain to travel with so last time she stayed home.

Rose and Jonesy are friends but you are not supposed to notice it. She makes sure He is in every night If he does not come in by 2am she starts sending him signals via brain power I think. He usually meets us at the back door.

He even brought her a squirrel one night. She must have really given him an earful, he has not tried that again.