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Monday, November 20, 2017

on Wednesday morning at 345 am I was party to killing an animal , who the vet said was too sick too heal.
He had an ear ache , when you look at his last photos. you see he was not blind. deaf maybe in one ear, and had a rough life . Had been gaining weight and was hopefully ready to make it to 20 years.

I was told he had a stroke, but looking back he had a ear ache and it was making him nuts. too my mind a stroke you cannot walk , he walked in circles trying to stop the pain. I am suffering so bad I wish I could be with him and Rose and Jones.


  • So sorry to hear of this latest loss. We know how much you love & care for your animals.
    As to a stoke, yes they can have that effect, affecting just the one side enough to allow that type of circling.
    Don't beat yourself up for taking the best advice available.
    Love, from us

    In the meantime, glad to hear that your health is better than ever.

    By Blogger Clyde Johnson, at 4:43 PM  

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