Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Miss Rose Dawson the poodle

This has been one heck of a week, already. We had a chipmunk appear with the help of one of two cats, either Mr Jones or Greybaby the neighbor pet brought it in. I think it is still in my computer room or will turn up later with 4 feet in the air.

I heard the cats and dog chasing the poor thing around and I left. When I came back it was sitting on top of my curtain and that was the last time I actually saw it. I have found a little evidence that it had been here. but Jj is not interested and Greybaby left in a huff because I would not let her sit in the window.

Today Miss Rose had to go to the vet. They prodded and poked her till she had to rest all afternoon. She has doubled in size since I adopted her in 2004. Perfect health. As good a shape as she was in when I found her.

She has been mopping around because she has not seen the grandkids this week.

Weather is perfect. We need rain badly. The new car drives great, today I left in in forward and almost hit the house trying to back up. Next I almost hit a car. After that I wanted to cry. Of course my guardian angel was watching and Miss Rose and I made it home even though she tries to drive. I keep telling her, her license is for walking only.

The new tv works great. My Mom's day surprise from Nick and the grandkids.

Well the little madam is demanding attention, after all a lady has her days you know.

Peace be with you love ya

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cats and Dogs

It seems like animals have some of the most unique ways of getting to everyone. Miss Rose is sitting in my lap trying to help me type this in. Guess she wants to make sure she is the star.

Mr Fang is chasing squirrels and helping the Power company out, but as Clyde says quite exhausted from all that work. The others are chasing turkeys, cows etc all free and easy condsidering most if not all of them are adopted and well loved now.

Mr Jonesy is asleep on the buffett in his own little world. He sleeps 99 % of the time I think. The 1 % he is trying to go either in the door or out the door. Rolling around on the patio to show how great the sunny weather is.

What a crew. My grand children love Rose and does she ever love the oldest grandson. She hears the voices of the others and runs thru the open door and barks like she has not seen him in forever. Then she follows him around most of the time he is here.

Jonesy has one habit of disappearing when anyone comes usually in some hidden place in the house. and strolls out when they leave. Sometime he plays the game of pet me if you want too but do not get used to it, cause I choose the petter.

He has not brought in any animals since last year so he must feel we did not appreciate the gifts he worked so hard to impress us with.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Anna

Never to late to sit down at the computer and remember something as important as your birthday and almost run out of time to type this in. Your time it is after 12am. Tried to call Rube to remind him to give you a big hug and wish you a Happy Birthday. But did not get an answer.

I had a key lime pie in you honor this year. The flowers in the store are beautiful and if mine had not gotten frozen I would still have a yard full.

When you come you will be welcome to ride shotgun in the limo. Fold down the seats and leave the back seats up its looks like a limo so nicknamed the car the limo.

The dvd player has not got the sound connected or something so the dealer is supposed to be repairing it.

Would love to have been there to celebrate with you. We had a perfect day for doing nothing except enjoying the day. Love you and hope you had a great birthday.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday AM

Another day wasted. I think I have been retired for four years and my brain thinks only of games. Luxor is the marble shooting faze of my life.

I love getting pictures of different and unusual things. I have really enjoyed the pictures of the farm in South Dakota. To see the hard work those two put in and their love of the wild life and their pets.

It has been a good retirement. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be blessed with this good life. I would have loved to thank My StepMother for her help in getting me to go back to work at the company. 37 1/2 years later here I am. My own computer, my pet cat and my pouting poodle.

I would love to take a few more trips before I get too old to enjoy them. I want to see New Zealand and Australia and of course England and Scotland.

Never would I have dreamed I would get to travel to all the places I have. When growing up my Dad used to say I had my bag packed to go somewhere while returning home from a trip. You know he was right.

All it takes is a little shove and off I go. My camera and bag can be packed in less than a hour. The only big deal is the animals and some of my best friends take care of them.

I want to go to Montana sometime later this year or maybe next year. Another trip out west. Love those states. The beauty of the Rockies has to be seen to be believed. Wyoming is my state of choice but the surrounding states come mighty close.

The plains are beautiful but I do not like the weather. Snow and ice can be handled but tornadoes are deadly. We have a few around here. I have seen and been thru a few but never been in a house or building that blew apart.

When working I was in Dunwoody Ga when the big one hit a couple of years ago and the power and trees in the area were hit. The company gave me and emergency kit. A flashlight with my name on it. Still have it in case I ever get in another one. Haha.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life in General

It is hot, dry and beautiful. Take your choice.

New or new to me anyway, car had to go in for the dvd player speakers. I have never seen the beat. Grown men see me and run the other way. What is the old girl going to complain about now.

The gas tank had this weird piece of foam around the outside. No one seemed to notice it but me. It was a tacky unseen deal, so one of the mechanics pulled it off . Grinned and said okay now. Uh huh.

David and Noah went to scout meeting Monday and volunteered me and their mom for everything they asked for. Now Noah is one of the children who never wants to make a decision and it was the 1st time I had ever seen a gleam of pleasure at something so out of character. He loved the thought of being a web master for BSA. Another mom took it though. Probably next year he will be a scout too.

We do not know what we ended up being volunteered for so their Mom is going to find out. A gutter regetta is scheduled sometime this month and for the 1st time Noah offered to help David.

Will wonders never cease.

Eric is in England with a passport so full no other stamps can be put in it. No apartment and No peanut butter. Anna is in Germany finishing up her schooling. Boy do things look up for those two.

Good things after all the last few years have brought to them.

England is one of my favorite countries. I spent a fabulous 11 hours there in 2000. I was on the way to a cruise. But the stop over became one of my favorite memories of the trip.

More to follow about that trip when the pictures are input into the computer. I think we took about 25 rolls of 35mm film. No wonderful digital at that time. That is one of the best inventions of modern photography.