Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Computer ProblemsScotland Visit

I do not know what is happening but my web page from comcast .net is down and says it is being rebuilt.

If anyone can explain what is happening let me know. Network Solutions is the name using the rebuilding system and every language in the world is coming up on it.

Hard to work on this stuff like paying bills, getting the latest on this wonderful stupid running for president campaign going on here.

Even the pictures from South Dakota and the farm are not available.

My son is off to work. Michelle is off to work and here I sit ar 113am edst and can not get my mail out of the computer.

This has been going on since the new road being built within a mile of the house. This is the 1st time my site has gone down to be rebuilt.

Been planting flowers this year to see if I have any luck. I love roses and have never been able to grow them. Now that I am retired I finally got around to planting one or two.

O f course they will never look like the pictures on the web. But old ladies can dream.

Eric and Anna sent me a few pictures of their trip to Scotland. Now I know where I want to visit next.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Toonigh Nearly Nowhere Anymore

Back in 1969 we moved to this place and it was never free of high winds and a few small storms.

This past week the weather really made up for all the near misses. It is lucky that no one still lives here. The family moved several years ago after the Dad passed away from cancer and the brother passed away from a brain tumor.

My youngest son played in front of this house when he was about 1 and the oldest was 3 years old.

We saw a small tree land on the little house. But wow look at it now.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Ranch In Spring

Clyde sent me a few pictures of the result of the snow peas he planted last week. Was he surprised they brought one of the biggest snow storms of the winter and this is spring to South Dakota.

He works on his ranch a lot and this is a good sign for the summer. They have had a drought for the last few years and everything was thirsty.

The turkeys came down out of the woods to eat. Did not download them in the snow yet. Will probably do it later.

We in Georgia are in the midst of spring and winter. Today 80 degrees and a few weeks ago all the flowers in my yard were killed by a late frost.

Blackberry winter is what my Dad always called it. They are really a lot of blooms on the plants. Looks like a huge blackberry season and I do not mean the handheld kind.

Even your worst enemy is a big warm buddy when you see this much of the white stuff.