Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Sunday, March 21, 2010

my America is going down the drain

I am watching a bunch of looney tunes tell the American people you have to wait 4 years to use this plan but we are going to tax the h... out of you and kill your jobs, lose the American credit rating , but most of all we lost a heck of a lot of good people over the last 300 years building this nation into what it was.

No more the congress , white house and the people we elected are turning us into one small do not care what you want or think country.

My generation is dying out and the new ones raised on Dr Spock the nutty child doctor, not the taking over. Read history on the 60,s you will be surprised to see how the wild generations ideas are being enacted now.

I think I am going to go into a blue cloud and not come out till Nov and then vote, but by that time we will not have a vote. Just a check mark that the change guy has changed this country into a Kenyan province to be ruled by the mid eastern religion.

pictures/ Nick jr at one. Howard and Shorty shoot out. howard and family (most are gone now). Me tasting some weird fish dish. Eric at three