Cowboys Aren't Sheepherders

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin Carving Time

As usual my youngest son is excited at this time of the year. It is time to turn a lowly pumpkin into something amazing.

I wonder if Harry knows where pumpkin juice comes from? Potter of course.

Just to show you a few of his masterpieces look like. love mom

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Butterfly

This is the picture taken at the butterfly museum in Toronto by Jon and Jordie. It is so beautiful I am making it its own story.

Enjoy the beauty of creation.

Time and Time again

The days are passing so quickly these days. I need to get a life.

Last night I picked Jordie up at the airport after parking in the wrong lot. Walking on my bum ankle to see what time her plane would be in and then walking back to the car and paying to park closer so I would not lose the car.

She made it in on time. Had some great pictures of her trip. The butterfly is beautiful.

Her Dad had some great shots of the Falls. The Hockey Museum. etc

I drove her back to school after standing in line at the post office to get her passport application complete. Looks like Eric is going to have some competition for traveling while young.

It actually rained today and I was caught in the mess. A Wreck and road work had Atlanta and surrounding areas in a parking lot status most of the afternoon. Are you sure Los Angelos has the worst traffic. Personally I would nominate Atlanta for it.

I ended up going to the family reunion Sunday. It was a beautiful day for it. A few shots will show part of the Howell Clan. The last living member of Dad's brothers and sisters was there with 6 generations of his family.

Ian got to play football with the guys and had a wonderful time. Even if we had to roll the window down and run the new air conditioner . He ended up with a new shirt and other stuff from Henry.

Nick and Eric have not been to this reunion since my Dad was living.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's been awhile

Sorry for the long delay in posting but it has really been a weird month.

The poodle left a boney in the floor and I turned my ankle and pulled a tendon and have been hobbling with it. Trying for a few Ohs sorry I hurt you. No such luck. Just feed me.

Jonesy is still inviting the neighborhood cats for dinner. Now one we named Socks is taken up with us. The beautiful grey has disappeared found a new home I guess.

Eric is still in England and finally got his new passport. No other news except a short note saying he was very busy. and still loved us.

Then a 50000 picture download that wore my mouse out. Finally even though the viewer did not work well here's hoping the pictures downloaded that the couple wanted.

Then the battery died on my car and then the air conditioner died and when a few happy pills helped me get through that. My week was terribly boring.

Of course Mr Newton is dancing and I have slept through it all. Just saw the last part of the show.

One of his fans from SD is sick. She was one of the most energetic people I have ever known. She was in her 80's and drove all over just to see Wayne. I wish her well.

George T got a star named after him. Could not have happened to a nicer guy.

Grandkids have visited and kept me company. They are a great bunch. The oldest and her Dad are off to Buffalo NY to spend the week end. Meeting a friend of hers.

The family reunion is Sunday, my late sister always enjoyed going. Me I have not been since my Dad passed away. To see so many of the relatives there is more than I can handle.

Gary Allan has a new cd coming out this month. Always look forward to that.

Well hope you month was more interesting than mine. love ya