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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CruiseTrek 2007

Well I received the pictures from my friend who took my dream vacation last year.

They were beautiful. Can not pass them on to you because I have no way of getting their premission. You could probably go on adobe and look up the site Romsbar well worth the trouble.

The weather is beautiful and spring is about to come into full beauty. I am getting restless to get the heck out of here and go somewhere.

After looking at those pictures I definitely want to see New Zealand. I have read so much about it. I have dreamed of taking that trip till I kick myself for spending money on trading cars and waiting until my grandsons get old enough to go with me.

I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings and remember Willow both shot in that glorius scenery.

It just goes to show you my priorities are not in order sometime. I worked for so many years and never traveled much until the late 80's I have seen a lot of the Western Hemisphere and Western and Southern Germany and a little of Southern England.

I have sailed the Sea to Rome Italy port C*** unsure of the spelling on that one.

Well enough of jealous envy. I am so glad she got to see it. She keeps great records from day to day. I used to travel a lot with her.

Ps the window to my tum has taken the bikini out. Will post update tomorrow.

love you and as cp says hugs

CruiseTrek 2007

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Two Sons

Today I received two sets of pictures.

One from the son here in the states who is in the process of buying his 1st new home. Very neat.

The son in England sent me a few of the shops over there. He was house hunting at one time and ended up in a very nice apartment. The view is a little weird but they tend to change it once a month.

The shop with the dresses? had a bridal party with of course the honeymoon already taken, but that lasted about 3 days and then it changed to business suits.

The cafe was a music box and I never saw the inside. Of course it looks like the rain was there also.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hump day

Well for some people half the week is now over and it is time to look to the week end. Unless you are retired and waste your life playing video games and sleeping and wondering why you do not have a job.

It has been a lovely month compared to last month. The disasters have mostly been accounted for and fixed.

We will see in May if I need new car insurance or not.

England was something else. We saw so much and still so much to see.

Eric is working a lot of overtime trying to get the India group back up since their cable or whatever got cut. Anna is in Germany, for a few days.

Nick and Angie are house hunting and hopefully they will find a good deal on one.

Today is the oldest Grandchild's birthday. Ian had his in January and the other boys were in Oct and Sept. The other two girls are in May and June.

At least mine has come and it was a beautiful family get together from all around.

My niece had a birthday the 11th and she was very excited about all the people who remembered it. She is someone who does so much for all of us. Love you.

Rain tonight and probably will get colder. So guess I will wear my housecoat a couple of hours longer today. What a life?

Valentines day tomorrow love you all.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Everybody has a double in life

In looking at the news tonight on the computer. It was like looking in a mirror. The person standing to the right in the picture looks a heck of lot like me.

I looked and then did a double take to see if it was my other personality showing up or really a photo of someone else. Would love to know who it is?

Congress passed the bill for the rebates or economy push. Really just print some more money and we can all have a chicken in the pot and two cars in the drive.

Just a note to say I am trying to blog more often. The trip to England had 1000 fantastic pictures and of course JJ and Rose .

Saturday, February 02, 2008

England 2008

It rained most of the time, but was still a great trip.

I loved the places we saw that were in the Harry Potter Movies. I did not realize how many shots were shown of places we were in.

Surry was the next county up from Hampshire. The White Cliffs were in the background of the Tournment when they took the port key.

Winsor Castle was where they shot quite a few scenes. The broomstick in the 1st year. And a few times of going around the castle and through a couple of the gates. Amazing what you miss when you do not look and are freezing.

All in all I am ready to go back in warmer weather.

The costumes used in Becoming Jane about Jane Austin were located throughout her home. The actress must have been a size 0 and about 5 feet tall.

The church down from the house was beautiful.