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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scouting with Noah

This weekend Noah and Troop 7777 from Woodstock took a caving trip to Raccoon Mountain in North Georgia.

From the amount of mud and grime he had a very good time.

Scouting is something that he took to Like a duck to water.

He started last year and is now a 1st year scout. The Weblos were last year and his 1st year at scout camp, he already had his bag packed for this year.

Back to the pictures above. Pants that swam and slide through mud and water. Shoes caked with mud , and Noah's happy memories.

1st picture is the after 3 washings, 2nd is after the 1st washing, 3rd is the state of the shoes, and 4th the washer 2 rounds.

Not too bad for Georgia red clay.


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